First 1 Direction baby! Louis Tomlinson became a dad!

Finally, the baby that we’ve been waiting for! One of the most popular bay band 1D has a new generation coming and we can thank Louis for that! Congratulations on becoming a father, Louis!

When we first heard about the fact that Louis is going to be a father – it most certainly took us be surprise. This band member is only 24 and at the top of his game now, so starting a family probably wasn’t on his mind. Still, life is life and it doesn’t matter who you are. In this case, Louis and his former girlfriend were blessed with a child and now we know it’s a baby boy!

Sources confirm that this week Briana Jungwirth gave birth to Louis Tomlinson’s first child, but it is not confirmed if Louis himself was there for the birth. At this moment we know only that everyone is happy, excited and supportive. Briana is feeling well and her family is with her. Her grandma already posted a happy message to Louis on Instagram, take a look:


Once again congratulations to new parents! Best of luck in a new chapter of your life!