Gigig Hadid in sexy Calvin Harris music video

There’s no secret that Calvin Harris is the most popular DJ in the world. His track are playing in all the clubs and all over the radio. Lately we’ve been talking more about him because of his relationship with Taylor Swift and today we have a new interesting story. Recently Calvin released a music video for his track – how deep is your love. Wondering what’s weird about it? Hold on a second.

This whole music video is about a girl. In this video you can see her and nothing more. What’s interesting, that this girl is Gigi Hadid, one of Taylor Swift best friends. Having in mind, that music video is really sexy, we can only imagine how this collaboration happened. Maybe it was Calvin’s idea? Let’s admit, that is is kind of natural, since he and Gigi have been spending much time together in Taylor’s gatherings. Here’s a proof of that:


In this photo you can see that these stars of young Hollywood are no strangers for each other. so the collaboration is kind of expected. Also, Taylor Swift was probably more comfortable that the sexy chick in the video is her bestie not some other model that could be a possible threat to her and Calvins relationship.

If you haven’t seen the video – How deep is your love? Check it out now: