Justin Bieber caught flirting with Ariana Grande

It seems that there isn’t one day in Hollywood without news about Justin Bieber. Lately he was in news not for the best reasons, but today we have something really good. Thank God we have internet and now there is proof that Justin was flirting with Ariana on Instagram! These days nothing goes unnoticed on the internet and that happened once more last night. JB fans noticed, that he commented on Ariana Grande’s video on Instagram!

It all started when Aria posted a video of her blowing some bubble kisses. (Photo down below)

bubblesCute right? Well we and other 700 thousand people are not the only one thinking that. Justin Bieber agrees with us and he proved it with his comment on Instagram: “Damn Ariana u look so good”

comentOnce again thanks the fans, who got a screenshot of these messages. You may think that this kind of behavior is typical Justin, but just recently he posted a photo of him and miss Baldwin kissing and we thought there were a couple? It really strange, because that comment on Ariana’s video is sending some flirt and everyone knows that.

But the action didn’t stop there. Things heated up when Ariana’s back up dancer (who is rumored to date her) stepped in and answered to Justin’s comment:”@JustinBieber keep looking player… I already told you she does.”

Well the tension between these two guys is real, but how could it be different? Having Justin Bieber come at your girl is never a good thing. But do we think Justin has an interest in dating Ariana? It’s too early to say, so let’s wait and see how t all goes down.

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