Kourtney Kardashian on Justin Bieber rumors

Just the other day Kourtney Kardashian was a guest at The Ellen Degeneres talk show. As much as we like or at this point even hate Kardashians, there doing really good and it seems that public wants to hear more. Kourtney herself was on the show to promote her app, but the whole interview was a lot more interesting. A usual, Ellen knows how and when to ask the right questions and celebrities has no other thing to do, but be honest. That’s what happened on the show.

The first hot topic that Ellen wanted to discuss – Kourtney’s relationship with Justin Bieber. You all know, that just recently there were some photos of these two spending time together and although this looks like it could never happen, never say never in Hollywood. Still Kourtney said that she and Justin are just friends. Right after that she got a cute smile on her face and took a cup of water. Well that looks like she’s nervous, right? Still, for now rumors are denied.

kourtney_justinAlso at this interview Kourtney was asked about Kendal’s relationship with Harry Styles, but the reality star said, that on this story Ellen has way more information. Ellen met the new couple in St. Barts just before New Years, while Kourtney still haven’t met Harry. Well we think that this will soon change, just because Kendal and Harry are already introducing their parents. The next time boy will have a chance to meet the whole family. Try to get ready for that, Harry!