Perrie Edwards breaks down during the performance (VIDEO)

As you all know, Perrie Edwards and Zayn Malik just recently called off their engagement. It’s been a really tuff couple weeks for Perrie, having in mind that at the moment she is promoting new album of Little Mix. That means, that the girls are constantly performing and having interviews, which is not the ideal situation after a break up.

Recently in an interview Perrie was asked how she was holding up and the girl just put her happy face on. I think we all know the her heart is broken, but she is a true professional and can’t let it get in a way of her carer. Despite that, the whole Zayn and break up thing must have got her. Little Mix was doing a live stream performance, to celebrate their 4th anniversary and during the performance Perrie Edwards just broke down. Girl was singing a break up song and after a line “No one can love you the way I used to do” – she just burst into tears. Watch that for yourselves:

It;s nice that Perrie has a support from her friends, other Little Mix members, but at the moment nothing can change the fact that her love story is over. Every broken heart is different but it takes time and only time to heal from that. It’s really hart to she this young lady crying, but why do you think it happened during this performance? Maybe Perrie and Zayn had a contact? Share your thoughts down in the comment section.