Selena Gomez giving up social media?!?

These days social media is everything. It the part of our lives, powerful tool to reach wide audience, promote. There is no secret that all Hollywood stars use it for multiple purposes and can’t imagine their lives without it, but not Selena Gomez. In the latest W magazine interview this young singer shared some interesting thoughts and we’ll brake it down for you.

One of the interview topics was social media. Selena Gomez has 161 million followers combined and still she said: “In a few years, I’ll give all of it up. I’m utilizing social media right now because of my age and because, to be honest, everybody else in the world was talking about me, so I wanted a F***ing say.”.

Do you guys thing she’ll do it? We kind of doubting, because that would seriously hurt her carer.

Also in this interview Selena wanted to clear thing out about her and Miley Cyrus. You all know that there was a rumored feud between these to pop stars and that’s what Selena had to say about it: “We never feuded. We both liked the same guy when we were 16.It waas just a Hilary Duff – Lindsay Lohan thing ‘Oh my God, we like the same boy!’. We are now completely settled in our own lives.. I’m a fan of her music – I don’t know if she’d say that about me.”

Well that’s a good question – what do you guys think? Is Miley a fan of Selena’s music? We here at Poprumors seriously doubt that.. Despite that, leave you’re thoughts down below.