Adele car pool karaoke is officially a thing!!! (VIDEO)

The Late Late show with James Corden just released a teaser for car pool karaoke on Wednesday. An the special guest of this episode is – ADELE. And you have to believe us,- this will be epic. If you’re not familiar with car pool karaoke, it’s a segment on a Late Late show. In this segment James Corden is driving with huge celebrities, playing their popular songs and singing their hearts out. One of the most popular episodes of car pool karaoke featured Justin Bieber and got almost fifty million views on Youtube. Crazy right? So you can only imagine how great it will be having Adele singing in a car next to James.

If you still haven’t seen the trailer for upcoming car pool karaoke, here it is:

Even this trailer is hilarious! James Cardon starts the video with lyrics from Adele’s hit song ” Hello” so we can only imagine how enternaining this show will be. James Cardon has one of the most interesting shows on TV right now and his segments are truly original and funny. So, if you can’t wait for this episode with Adele, you can watch the teaser over and over again. Just like the most of us. Waiting for the whole video to come out.


So guys, what do you think about this teaser? Was it funny or maybe you expected something else? Leave your thoughts down below!

Whole car pool karaoke video with ADELE