Best comeback of 2015

The first celebrity, competing to win the best comeback of 2015 is Nick Jonas. Every girl remembers the boy band that he was in a couple years ago. Its was Jonas Brothers. At that time – Jonas Brothers was the biggest thing. Everyone was dying to get their autograph or go to the concert. We have to admit, that the fame just came right out of nowhere. Sadly, this boy band suddenly disappeared and no one was talking about them. After a break one of the brothers came back and it was Nick. He striked back to the tops of the charts with his new single Jealous and got everyone exited. Well, we have to admit, that this new sound and music weren’t the only things that got us curious. All grown up image and six pack underneath his shirt is another thing, that now girls just can’t shut up about. So, what do you think, is Nick Jonas worth to take best comeback of 2015 crown? Let us know in the comment section below.

Another huge celebrity, that had a comeback this year is miss Selena Gomez. This girl started her carer very early in Disney and later transformed into a pop star. We have to admit, that one of the most talked about topics the last two years were her and Justin Bieber’s relationship. This couple had everyone’s eyes on then and maybe that was the reason these two broke up. Ok, this isn’t about Justin’s and Selena’s relationship, although it seems connected. After an emotional break up Selena Gomez decided to take some time to herself and this year came back with new music, new attitude – new herself. Her album Revival is on all charts and upcoming tour gets us fans really excited. So, maybe Selena Gomez is the one that had the best comeback?

Another celebrity that was gone and came back swinging – Adele. After silence for two years, British superstar just dropped a single and then the whole album. Just out of the blue. Her single Halo broke all the records possible and proved, that people need soulful music in their lifes. We have to admit, that the break was kind of expected, since she had a baby and obviously wanted to take time for that. Despite that, no one new, when or if Adele is coming back and she once again proved, that real stars don’t need any promotions or stuff like that. This lady can crush the records on her own!

And finally, the one to fight for the best comeback – Justin Bieber. This young superstar is just phenomenal. You can love him, or hate him, but you have to admit, that you know the words to at least two of his songs. Justin, very much like Selena, had a break for himself. During this break he actually had some troubles with cops and there were a lot of rumors about his rude attitude. Almost every week we could’ve found news about how Bieber did something wrong or got into trouble. Despite all that, he came back we apologies, good boy image and incredible record. His new album Purpose is just everywhere and we have to admit, that Bieber’s comeback was just at the right time.

So, here are all the celebrities, that had huge comebacks in 2015. Let us know, who in your opinion takes the first place and why!