Cara Delevigne Diva behavior???

For a couple of years now Cara Delevigne was on our eyes and years. Everyone was praising her for remarkable acting carer and personality that stands out. Unfortunately, today’s news about successful model and now actor are not that positive.

Cara Delevigne is now promoting her new movie “Paper Towns” and her latest interview with Good Day Sacramento got everybody talking. From this interview you can tell that the actor has now interest in being polite, friendly or positive. She acts really strange and most importantly – RUDE! We have to admit, that watching this interview is nothing more that awkward. Take a look for yourselves:

Critics say that there are more similar interviews, with Cara Delevigne acting rude, so what do you think this means? Is it Diva behavior or just a misunderstanding? Maybe a successful model, singer and now actor slipped on her fame?

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