Channing Tatum and Beyonce duo for Lip Sync Battle

If you haven’t seen The Lip Sync Battle on Jan 7th,- oh boy you missed out. Everybody knows that this show knows how to surprise, but this exceeded all expectations!

Channing Tatum and his wife Jenna Dewan-Tatum were on lip sync battle and it was out of this world. In fact, just before the battle began Channing just hoped that this fight won’t hurt his marriage. Of course kidding, but the fight was just amazing to watch. Channing Tatum is the person that takes every challenge and delivers an amazing performance and we had the opportunity to watch that. Channing took the stage dressed up like Queen Bey and the whole look was just priceless. What is more important, during an outstanding performance of “Run the world (Girls)” Beyonce joined him on stage and the whole audience got crazy. People were literally crying but what can you expect when Queen Bey is on the stage..?

Check this performance for yourselves:

So, did you enjoy this performance? We have to admit, that Channing Tatum did an amazing job and let out his inner Beyonce! If you agree, let us know in the section below!