Ciara’s inappropriate dress gets everyone talking

Ciara is a truly amazing beauty. Not only this girls is sweet and king, her beauty shines through all the time. Still, there are times when we make not the smartest decisions and not from bad intentions. That’s excacly what happened to Ciara. So here’s the story.

This talented singer was invited to sin national anthem in a football game and that was amazing, but her dress was something that got people furious. Check the dress for yourself:

Althoughthis dress looks really fancy, it is kind of see through. At certain angles Ciara’s nipples were showing through and that’s not the right image for person singing national anthem. It seems that a lot of critics of famous people have their opinions and are sharing them on Twitter. Here are some tweets you might want to check out:






This is kind of a mess, but we’re curious to know, which side are you on? Is it appropriate to wear that kind of dress and sing national anthem at a football game? O do you think that this dress is not that revealing and cheerleaders in this case should be talked about too? Let us know and comment down below!!!