Demi Lovato goes topless in Cosmo spread

Over the last few years Demi Lovato had some problems with her body image. There is no secret that she struggled with bulimia and other eating disorders. Having that in mind we can only be happy for her, because today she feels more comfortable in her skin that ever before. In latest Cosmo shoot she demonstrated her perfect and most importantly healthy body, that she is so proud of. In the magazine you can find her topless pictures and damn, she looks so fine!

In the interview popular singer shares some new information about her relationship with long time boyfriend Wilmer. There is no secret that couple’s relationship in the past went on and of and now we know why. People were saying that was because of theirs age difference, but that’s not the case. Demi admits that it was because of her relapsing. Problems with drugs, alcohol or eating disorders were the main reasons for their break ups.

Despite that, today Demi and Wilmer are very happy and crazy in love. You can see that in her eyes!

Her are some more photos from Demi’s shoot with Cosmo: