Golden Globes after party fashion and madness!!!

Golden Globes are that award show, where you can find most incredible fashion inspirations. This year’s show proved it right once again. The red carpet of the award show was just amazing. Movie and TV stars looked their best and showed the best taste in fashion. Still, no one really talks about the after parties, which were even more interesting. Here you can see how celebrities changes their clothes to more informal environment.

In these photos you can enjoy not only fashion decisions but also see who spent the most time together. Brad Pitt and Selena Gomez were spotted together talking and enjoying each others company and that got us all wondering. Maybe these two have some plans on working together? Or maybe Brad is Selena’s celebrity crush and she couldn’t resist an opportunity to talk to him?

Share your thoughts down below and read more about Golden Globe Awards 2016. This show has some really impressive moments! #goldenglobes #fashion