It’s official – FRIENDS reunion finally happening!!!

Friends might be the show that invented “the friend zone” but we still can’t imagine our lives without it. Perfect cast, simple but clever scenario –  this is all you need to get a show of a lifetime. We have to admit, that this is the one show that we’ve been praying to come back, but knew that this isn’t happening. Now today we have some different news! It seems like our prayers have been heard, because FRIENDS reunion is happening and pretty soon – in February. We will be able to see the whole cast on a two hour special for NBC. Still, this won’t be a Friends special. This amazing cast will come together one more time to tribute director James Burrows, who recently helmed his 1,000th TV episode.

NBC team hopes that it will be possible to get whole cast in a room at the same time, but there is chance that it won’t happen. “I’m not sure we can logistically pull that off,” said Greenblatt.

It’s been 12 years after “Friends” finale, so it’s kind of crazy that we’ll get the chance to see the cast together one more time.  After all these years, cast members still look amazing and are ready to give a best performance ever, take a look at how they changed during those years:

friends1 friends2 friends3 friends4 friends5 friends6
So guys, are you excited for this reunion? Which of the cast members looks best in 2016? Share your opinion with us in a comment section!