Kim Kardashian – NAKED again!

Kim Kardashian naked again? Let’s admit that there’s no surprise here. Almost the whole world has already seen her naked, but this time she did it to address rumors. If you’re keeping up with the Kardashian life, you probably know, that Kim had some major problems with trying to get pregnant for the second time. This was a very emotional time in her life, but then everything worked out and now we can all witness her carrying the second child. Despite that, there’ve been some rumors, that the one and only Kim Kardashian is faking it and using a surrogate.

These type of rumors spread out when she posted some pictures – one day her belly was bigger and the next – enormous. Having in mind, that Kardashians are one of the most talked about families, there no wonder that someone noticed that. And then started rumors about her faking her pregnancy.

To shut the haters, Kim Kardashian posted her naked photo on Instagram to prove, that she caries her own child and is very happy about that. Her belly’s situation, according to Kim, is very different everyday. One time she is photographed before lunch and the other – after. That’s why it might have seemed that her belly grew up in a few days.

What do You think about this story? Is it true or Kim Kardashian is really using a help of a surrogate? Leave your opinion down below.