Kylie Jenner’s 18th birthday party – EXCLUSIVE DETAILS

18th birthday is something that every teenager is waiting for. It’s a step to adult live and most of us can’t wait for it. Maybe for some of you seems, that Kylie Jenner was already living an adult life, having in mind her 2.7 million dollar mansion and relationship with 25 year old rapper Tyga. Still, her formal birthday was just yesterday and we have all we details.

First of all we can start with Kylie’s new blond hair that looked just fabulous. She showed up at the dinner wearing  sparkling mini dress and no one can deny that girl looked stunning. At the dinner she was spending time with her closest friends, sister Kendal and also Caitlyn. Evening started easy, but that wasn’t the end.
Later on celebration moved to Bootsy Bellows. famous night club. Here Kylie showed up wearing black mini dress, which just screamed – party! Here was even bigger list of celebrities attending, such as Gigi Hadid with Joe Jonas (reportedly dating), Nina Dobrev, Hailee Steinfeld and of course all the Kardashians. The list could go on and on. But the one guest, that got everybody talking was Zayn Malik. Just last week Zayn announced his split with his fiance and got as talking, when he liked Kylie’s photo on Instagram. Now suddenly he is attending her birthday party? Where this is coming from?

One of the biggest surprises of the evening was a gift, that Tyga gave to his girlfriend. It was 320.000 dollars worth Ferrari, which was a surprise not only for Kylie, but also her mother and other guests. Having in mind rumors, that Tyga can’t pay his rent, it’s strange how he can afford buying such expensive gifts. Well, when you’re in a relationship with Jenner, you have to go strong or go home and we see what he’s chosen.

There is no doubt, that this party was one of the most waited and talked about in all Hollywood, so here are some inside photos, that will have you to understand how it all went down:

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