Leonardo DiCaprio’s reaction to Lady Gaga – Leo explains!!!

Every award show has some awkward moments that get us all talking. This year’s Golden Globes was no exception. We have to admit, that the award show had some pretty funny moments, starting from the presenters, speeches and finishing with outfits. Still, Leonardo DiCaprio stole the show and today we’re all talking about him. At 2016 Golden Globe Awards, Lady Gaga won a golden globe for best BEST ACTRESS IN A SERIES, MINISERIES OR TV MOVIE. This was a huge deal for her but Leonardo DiCaprio got us talking not about the actual award or her performance. As Lady Gaga was going to the stage, to except her award, she bumped into Leo or even his chair. But the best part was his expression, when he saw, who bumped into him. Check out the video fir yourself:


This reaction got viral so fast, that Leonardo DiCaprio got asked about it at the same award show. Still, the explanation was not what we expected. Leo said, that he just didn’t know who bumped into him, so that’s why his face looked like that.

Did you buy it? Well that was a polite thing to say, but truly his face looked as if he was scared or even disguised. Let us know what you think about this in the comment section!