Man crashes stage on People’s Choice Awards 2016!!!

We have to admit, that last night’s People’s Choice awards were one to remember, but one thing really stand out. It’s the man, who crashed the stage and took the spotlight from ” The Talk” hosts.

This moment was definitely a WTF moment, since no one really understood – it was staged or really happened. Check it out for yourself:

It looked pretty awkward and the ladies didn’t know what was happening. Just try to imagine: you’re accepting your award, giving the big speech and some random guy storms the stage. Not only this is disturbing, it’s also scary. Where was the security? This man could  have had a knife or something, and all that time, that he was one stage, no security showed up. The good news is that The Talk ladies have some balls and got rid of the random guy themselves.

So, do you agree that this award’s moment was like the icing on the cake? Did you enjoy the awkwardness? Leave your opinion down below and check other People’s Choice Awards news!