Miley Cyrus and Liam Hemsworth moving in together

It seems like Miley and Liam’s relationship is moving really quickly. Just a few months ago we thought these two were broken up and not thinking about each other, while today we have some different stories. We all heard news about Miley and Liam spending time together and even binding with other family members. It was when Miley went to Australia to see Liam. She then spent some quality time with Liam’s brother’s wife, so that must really mean something. Still, this is old news, and today we have confirmation, that Miley and Liam are moving in together! Now that’s exciting, right?

A source close to TMZ reports, that Miley has been taking her stuff to Liam’s house all week and this last weekend was the finale of everything. Miley with a bunch of friends drove to Liam’s house and loaded of  junk from her truck. Yes, Miley drove a truck, which is a total surprise for us too. Still, the thing that is important – these two lovebirds are totally back together and already moving in.

A source also tells that Miley started wearing her engagement ring, so maybe a couple has some plans that we don’t know about? Having in mind how quickly their relationship is going on this time, we wouldn’t be surprised if they’re getting married next month. Bus we’ll have to wait for those news to confirm.

So, what do you think guys about Miley and Liam’s relationship? Is it a good choice to move in this fast? Or maybe their making a mistake? Let us know in the comment section!