Miley Cyrus proposing to Liam Hemsworth?!?

Recent news about Miley Cyrus and Liam Hemsworth got us all talking. Everyone wants an official confirmation from one of them, but two young Hollywood stars remain silent. But today we have some interesting details that will change all the facts!

A source told Hollywoodlife that Miley doesn’t want to take thing slow anymore. She knows how she feels about Liam and wants to get married. Still, after their brake up she thinks that it’s her turn to propose and she’s planning to do this in 2016. A source also told the magazine, that Miley and Liam are working on their relationship and trying to go official. In this case they want to be fully prepared for the attention that their going to get, so they’re not rushing to make a public statement. Still these two lovebirds are more that ever in love and believe their future together.

After a few years of silence it might seem crazy, but remember when Liam said in the interview, that after a 5 years relationship the love doesn’t go away. He said that he will always love Miley. Maybe they both realized that and decided that it is time to give this another shot?
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