New Justin Bieber song!

Let’s admit – we’ve all been waiting for it! Justin Bieber finally announces new music and it seems like people gonna love it.

Just yesterday Ryan Secrest sat down with Justin Bieber in the radio studio to talk about new music coming. Having in mind that singer haven’t released new songs in three years, this is kind of a big deal. In the interview Justin says, that the song is called “What do you mean”. Popular singer explains, that girls are often flip flopping. You can’t really understand if what they say is what they mean and otherwise. Justin Bieber adds that he’s not a mind reader, and that’s why he’s asking – what do you mean?

This song will not only be the first new music in three years, but also his new single, which we’ll be able to enjoy in 30 days. The exact release date is August 28th. So let’s start the countdown!

If you’re curious and want to know what this song is gonna sound like – Justin says that it’s gonna be fun up tempo summer song, so we have that to look forward.

Here’s full Justin Bieber interview on Ryan Secrest: