Selena Gomez confirming her relationship with Orlando Bloom?!?

Latest Selena Instagram photo got everyone thinking, that she and Orlando Bloom are officially dating. There have been rumors about these two hooking up a while ago, but time passed and everyone thought they both moved on. Still, it might be that this romance isn’t over.

So another day was Orlando’s birthday and Selena posted this picture on her Instagram account:


The capture of this photo was: “Happy bday Orly – celebrate kindness and who you are.”

So it’s really strange, that Selena decided to call him Orly, because be honest, cute nicknames are for couples ONLY. If they’re just friends, there is no need to call him like that. You may think that there is too much of an age difference between them, but love and passion has no limits. In fact, Selena in one of her interviews mentioned that she wants to date older man, and Orlando might be the great catch.
So, what do you think guys? Was this Instagram message a confirmation that something is going on? Would you ship this couple? Let us know in the comment section!